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Remember when Magic: The Gathering (MTG, a Collectable Card Game (CCG)) first ventured on-line? It was gods-awful. They were told that no one, NO ONE, would pay to own a virtual representation of a physical item without owning that item. (I might have dabbled)

The common wisdom of the day seemed right… but as we now see, MTG was just ahead of their time. Now we have Hearthstone, and it’s highly successful. We pay real world money for colorized versions of mounts to ride in virtual worlds that we already have the base model of.

So I need something from the e-book industry: Bookmarks in all their colorful glory and diversity.

I know it’s not time yet. Color is still not an easy thing, and the price is too high yet to ring in an era of ubiquity. But coding is a process. So I’m asking now. In the future, I want to go to a bookmark store on the web, buy a virtual bookmark, and when I stop reading my e-ink, I want to see that bookmark slide in over where the binding would be. I want to assign a bookmark to a book. I want to assign a group of bookmarks to a book, then check “random” and scry my inner thoughts upon viewing it.

So jump on that now, IDPF; and remember – you heard it here first. ~.^