I had a postcard once upon a time. It showed a long-haired kitten, front claws embedded in a ball of yarn, that yarn wound all around it until it was clearly tangled up. The quote under the pic was: “Single handedly I have fought my way into this mess.”  I feel as if I have been untangling myself since, and as someone who is impatient at times, I’m over it now.

When I first created this blog, I held in my mind an image of something pristine. Only finely crafted things, honed thoughts, would grace it’s pages. Yes, let us laugh together at that, and then put it behind us.

I’m going to be writing down some thoughts here. Most will not be profound. Some may be tragically ignorant. I can’t be bothered anymore. I shouldn’t be bothered anymore. I’m fallible, I have moods, I rage. You’re either compassionate or you’re not, but I can’t, nor should I ever have, muzzled myself over the chance of being wrong, idiotic, or accidentally cruel.

There is no place left to go.

So now I’m creating my world, on day at a time.

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