The Mission Statement

Mission statements seem to start with “I want”. That is imposing right there.

I mean, you could just say “I want 10 million dollars.” That would certainly do you, right? Especially if you didn’t lose your head and blow it all in a rush. Then you could work out the details as you learned to work with all that money. Maybe, in the process, you’d discover what you really wanted. Conversely, you might never take the time to sort it out between measured bouts of consumption.

So your best bet, the honest bet, is to fix in your mind what it is you believe you want right now. You should carry in you the understanding that your mission statement may change, but you should expect that change to be an outgrowth of the original. I feel that, If you find yourself fork-lifting your mission statement before reaching it – then you did not understand yourself as well as you thought you did.

So, I got to work on the Mission Statement, and there were surprises in store.

Turns out, what I really want to do is to continue my work in unifying my exploration into virtual worlds, and the attendant communities therein, with the outer world – creating as many connections as I can. As a part of that unification I want to develop a presence in the virtual social space, naturally bumping up against and befriending those of like-mind, as I bring to fruition my first novel, as it is an outgrowth of my delving.

I like it, and I think it is a good effort, but I worried that it was too broad still. So I threw in some way points:

  • By July 1st, 2018 have complete novel ready for revision/submission
  • In January, 2018 begin to seek agent for work in progress
  • Launch Patreon account for novel in July
  • Continue to develop Twitch stream
  • In Aug, 2017, have calling cards
  • In October, have all masks created for the content you stream.
  • By June 1st, 2017 have working outline in Scrivener.

It will need to be reviewed soon, as I’m generating other way points that will need to be included.

Coming up: Brass tacks scheduling: taming the un-tamable!



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